There are many ways you can help:

Curbing Hunger Month:  June is Curbing Hunger month in Somerset County, NJ.  You can help by telling and e-mailing your friends and neighbors to fill the orange bags,  do a posting on social media such as facebook or sponsoring a Curbing Hunger Day at your local farmer’s market.  Other ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

Volunteer:  Volunteers are always welcome and essential to the program’s success.  Help is needed for helping organize events, fundraising, working in local pantries and communications just to name a few.

Contribute Food:  Help pass the word to fill the orange bags at community picnics and events, charter days, farmer’s markets, etc.  Tell your friends and neighbors to fill the bags.  Work with your local newspapers to get the word out.  And, of course, contribute food.

Start a Curbing Hunger Event:  Be a Curbing Hunger Champion at your place of worship, company or organization.  Perhaps starting an online food drive, or partnering with an online food drive we already have set up.

Be a Sponsor:  A financial contribution is always welcome in any amount.  Major sponsors become part of the publicity surrounding Curbing Hunger, Inc. in press releases, public kick-off meetings, names on the orange bags, announcements at public places with other sponsors such as the Patriot’s Baseball Team’s Curbing Hunger night, etc.  Since Curbing Hunger, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3, your contribution is tax deductable.  Feel free to contact us to discuss a sponsorship contribution can be sent directly to:

Donations:  Direct dollar contributions in any amount are welcomed and very much appreciated.  Please see the next page on the number of ways you can make a direct contribution.

Please feel free to “Contact Us” if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or want to learn more about how you can help.